Arthur Murray in San Miguel de Allende?

People often ask, "Why is there an Arthur Murray® Dance Studio in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico?" 


The answer is that my Mexican husband and I fell in love with San Miguel when we visited his family near here in 2003.  When we moved here in 2007, we had dreams.  With his restaurant experience, Adrian's was to be a chef.  With my lifelong love of dance, including being a teacher and manager at Arthur Murray® Cincinnati, mine was to teach Sanmiguelians to "cha-cha-cha".


After considering opening an independent school, I called the president of Arthur Murray® International for advice.  He said, San Miguel de Where?  But he listened, and because of their "building from within" policy, he offered me a free franchise, the only one in Mexico.  All Arthur Murray® studios are independently owned by individuals who start as dance instructors and work their way up.  This was a chance to bring the best of ballroom to San Miguel.


We found a vacant home at Hernandez Macias 68 in the theater/arts district that could accommodate the space requirements and professional-grade floating wood dance floor.  It was a joy to renovate the space utilizing local artisans, and to dedicate the studio to my father who had recently died.  His integrity continues to guide us through the challenges business ownership brings.


Arthur Murray® International is helpful yet completely hands-off.  They even supported my husband's dream to open his own restaurant, Baile Cafe (Dance Cafe) on the back patio of the studio. 


We are proud to provide jobs, training, visas, and opportunities to many, and to contribute to the local economy and ambiance.  We support local charities and sponsor a study abroad program with Brigham Young University.  Most importantly, we have taught many people to "cha-cha-cha!"


Our classes are interchangeable at 250+ locations.  Thanks to the generosity of Arthur Murray® International in providing their lowest royalty fees, our rates are among the best in the world.  Our students have access to 100 years of dance education research, the best dance syllabus, ongoing training for their teachers, and professional coaches to guarantee their success.  Plus, it's fun! 


Arthur Murray® is more than just a dance class, it is a world-class dancing school, and I feel honored to bring it to the world-class city we love.  It is here because we followed our dreams. Let us help you follow yours.  Call 152-0095 today or fill out our online form to get started dancing!

~by Christie Olvera, Owner